Do you ever visit a city and honestly think, 'I could live here.'? That's me in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Considering I barely speak a word of Hungarian, I feel so at home here and if life was different,  I'm sure I would of tried living here during my twenties. This month I visited... Continue Reading →


Pack your bags, we are off for our weekend in Berlin! I always try and avoid visiting the same place, but for some cities I just can't help myself. Just like the German capital. I've already visited the city twice, and I'm still hankering over returning at least once more. It's also the city I recommend... Continue Reading →


If you haven't heard the word Hygge this year, you must have been living under a rock. Scandinavian trends have exploded in the past few years, and Copenhagen is booming with British visitors thanks to it. So there's no better time to grab your best mate and see the sights for yourself. Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark!... Continue Reading →

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