Three hours in Madrid

I’m finally back on a plane! Albeit fleetingly. This weekend I’ve explored a small section of beautiful city of Madrid, El Retiro Park. But what can you see there in a mere three hours?


Usually pack your sun cream, bikini and flamingo Li-lo for your holidays?! For our weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania, it was more thermals, hand warmers and de-icer!

Baby on Board- An Overdue Update!

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram will know I've had a busy couple of months physically and emotionally. With work and the loss of a family member leaving me with a heavy case of writers block. Even opening the WordPress page on my laptop has made me feel slightly nauseous, but on... Continue Reading →

New York

We've finally arrived at our final Honeymoon post! And you deserve a great big pat on the back if you've made it this far! There has been lots of you reading, liking and commenting on this series of posts, and it really has made my year- so THANK YOU! But, back to our travels and... Continue Reading →

San Francisco

A cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge, chowing down on a lobster roll and hopping on a a cable car. All famous pastimes of the residents and visitors of San Francisco. It's rather embarrassing then, to admit that we didn't get round to doing any of those three. A weekend in most cities is plentiful.... Continue Reading →

Los Angeles

It's nearing the end of January already- how on earth did that happen?! Anyway, today we are moving onto the next city of our American Honeymoon itinerary- Los Angeles! What better way to warm up a drizzly day than by curling up and admiring some snaps of the sunshine! Thanks to growing up in the... Continue Reading →

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