The Victoria Quarter, New Brighton- Habibi Review

I’ve lived in the seaside town of New Brighton for all of my life (aside from a few years in my early twenties when I was determined that Manchester is ten times better than Liverpool…. jury’s still out on that one🙈)

In my younger years there wasn’t much in New Brighton at all. Some dodgy nightclubs who provide the fondest of memories and a few family restaurants serving a decent roast and that was about it. But ten or so years ago the place got a bit of an overall and headed back to its touristic heyday, making it a much more pleasurable place to live. But the town is abundant with chains, and as a small business owner myself, it’s always preferable to pop those pennies back into the community and build the success of an independent.

And now to top it all off even the Guardian think it’s the place to be.

The Victoria Quarter

So when Daniel Davies announced the development of his Victoria Quarter a short stroll from the seafront every New Brightoner sat up and listened. It made my morning when I waddled my 41 week pregnant self past the newly painted bear mural staking his claim on the street hearing of the plans that would come to fruition come Spring.

First to open was a clothing Store followed by the tavern The James Atherton, with a Californian bar and vinyl record store to follow.

But today I’m going to introduce to you the eastern meets western restaurant/bar Habibi.


If you’ve spied the pictures on Instagram, you’ll know how good the food looks. And I can confirm it tastes just as good. The menu is smaller than I expected, but theres a kebab for all tastes.

I opted for the chicken shawarma whilst Tom selected the lamb kofta. Both meats were cooked to perfection and packed with flavour.

On the side we added fries- plain and Batata Harra. Both were well cooked but if you can handle a little bit of a kick, definitely give the latter a try.


I’ll be honest, the drinks were a little pricer than what I would of expected. Not necessarily from the standard of bar itself, but solely due to location. Prices seemed more suited to a city centre bar, but to be fair, the quality of the cocktail I tried matched up to its price.

The non alcoholic espresso martini would of been part of my weekly diet had Habibi opened before Ace made his arrival. So I had to try it and see if it lived up to my excitement. And It certainly did.

Win bloody win.

Everything In-between

What’s left to say- it’s beautifully decorated, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and most importantly for us at the moment, they made lunch with a baby a doddle.

Habibi you’ll be seeing a lot more of us soon.

Habibi is open Sunday to Thursday 12pm-11pm and Friday and Saturday 12pm-1am. Walk in slots only.

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