Baby on Board- An Overdue Update!

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram will know I’ve had a busy couple of months physically and emotionally. With work and the loss of a family member leaving me with a heavy case of writers block. Even opening the WordPress page on my laptop has made me feel slightly nauseous, but on this balmy bank holiday evening I’ve finally bitten the bullet and I’m trying my hardest to get this blog post finally live! Because it wasn’t just my writers block anxiety giving me nausea, it was down to someone else’s presence too. Yes, you’ve guessed it, soon a baby will be joining my Weekend Escapes!

Tell me more, tell me more

Let’s head back over to February, not long before we set of for our trip to Vilnius to celebrate my 31st birthday. (You know the one, the one I STILL haven’t posted about- it won’t be long now I swear!!) And well, let’s just say, something wasn’t as punctual as usual. One ‘just in case’ test later and the realisation I wouldn’t be drinking booze to keep the Lithuanian chills at bay the following week. We were in fact expecting our first baby.


Baby Annoucment

A very early babymoon

Luckily I hadn’t (and still haven’t) experienced many pregnancy symptoms, but my taste buds changed rapidly. That coffee I can’t wait to down the moment I wake? Can be smelt 5 miles away and definitely isn’t coming anywhere near my lips, so my excitement at grabbing a coffee and pastry every morning in Vilnius was quickly dampened. Another favorite holiday pastime is visiting local bars and pubs to rest our feet, discuss the city and plan the hours ahead. But they certainly lost their sparkle when you have minimal drinks options to choose from. Lastly, a long hot and sweaty queue at the smallest airport when YOU NEED Salt and Vinegar Pringles isn’t the best way to start a flight, but a hormonal breakdown was averted once Tom had hunted down the crisp bounty.

All in all- a good trip minus my new found irritations!!

What’s next?

Those plans we’d made to hopefully visit Vietnam and an East Coast USA road trip in the very near future, are now on hold. Financially we have bigger things to focus on (a family sized car for starters!) and realistically, travelling heavily pregnant or with our first newborn child, doesn’t fill me with joy!

So, you may find things a little different over on A Weekend Escape from here on in.

20 weeks pregnant milestone picture
Half way there!
Looking to the future with a baby on board

We’ve got a few UK bound weekend’s planned before the our little bundle of joy arrives this Autumn, and I’ll of course be posting these as I would normally. But next year? That’s when I’m hoping to make the subtle change to incorporate the realities of travelling with a child, finding baby friendly accommodation, activities and restaurants alongside exploring the city like I’ve always loved. We’ll probably see the addition of a resort holiday, cruises and UK hot spots closer to home too as time goes on.

But, one thing I will say for sure. I’ll no doubt be a less regular poster, as this year so far has proved. It turns out having a baby on board takes up more head and heart space than I’d expected, even before the stalk has landed.



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