Our dream honeymoon with Travel Counsellors

I may be a week late, but Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2018 already and it’s over a month since my last post. But, this series of posts is worth the wait I swear! I’ve been awaiting a quieter time when I could settle in to tell you all about our amazing honeymoon adventure we embarked on last Spring, and January seems the perfect time to do so.


Girl in yellow dress and straw hat admiring the view of Hollywood
Taking in the view of Hollywood


Organising a wedding, whilst both working full-time, is exhausting enough without researching flights, hotels and activities to book mere days into married life.  Don’t get me wrong, planning our trips is all part of the excitement, but when it’s a two-week adventure across America, we were pretty sure we’d mess up something along the way!

Choosing the travel company to take charge of your honeymoon

With so many travel agents specialising in Honeymoon’s and once in a lifetime holidays, it’s hard to know which way to turn. By the time you’ve searched through them you could have booked it yourselves after all. We really didn’t know which way to turn.

Then in comes our saviour June, who is a personal travel expert from Travel Counsellors.

Hotels located on Las Vegas strip as viewed from above
View of Las Vegas from MGM Signature

The first time I’d heard of Travel Counsellors was when we booked a private transfer for our trip to Lisbon. I knew they organised much more but to be 100% truthful, our first thought when it came to retrieving a quote for our dream trip was that it would definitely be over budget and even, dare I say it ‘over priced‘. I’m glad to say how wrong we were!

After discussing our ideas, expectations and budget at great length, June emailed across a detailed quote consisting of flight and hotel options plus a number of excursions she recommended we looked into. It really helped that June had already visited the cities we intended to stay in,  Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and she could offer her own personal opinion of what was a ‘must do’.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Add another city? Well, it is our honeymoon!

Much to our surprise, the Travel Counsellors quote not only came in under budget, but it was cheaper than we could find the same flights and hotel for. Pop the fizz, we are onto a winner!

All of the flights June recommended were direct, bar one. Our flight from San Francisco to Manchester, UK, included a four-hour wait in New York. With some cash left in the pot and a little annual leave remaining, it seemed the sensible thing to add-on a few days exploring the big apple to our adventure. Well, if you can’t do it on your honeymoon, when can you?!

New York skyline from the river
New York city skyline

With four direct flights, four swanky hotels, one car hire, private transfers and some activities all booked in, we left our small deposit and got back to wedding planning, quietly excited for our mammoth trip!

The vows are done, now time for fun!

Six months later, after the most incredible day we headed off on our adventure! I’m sure many of you will agree, but the days after a wedding can be a hazy mixture of love and utter exhaustion. With this in mind, we were delighted to find that June had not only checked in our flights on our behalf, but would continue to do so for all of our flights during the trip. She’d also keep abreast of all minor or major delays, issues and concerns, so we could get on with enjoying every last second of our honeymoon. A welcome bonus when our flight was delayed from LA to SF.

Fairground at Santa Monica Pier, LA
Santa Monica Pier

If, like us, your smart phone is always within reach, the myTC APP  can also become invaluable. Not only can you contact your dedicated travel counsellor via the app, it also stores all your documents and itineraries. We didn’t get round to using the app as much as we should have, but you can even share your trip with friends back home by linking to social media.


Going the extra mile

For us it was all about the personal touch.

A few weeks before our big day we met up with June to discuss all the finer points of our trip. She came armed with our luggage tags (all filled in for each and every flight too!) a guide-book and our tickets. All of these were sprinkled with confetti, and there was an extra little gift for our big day. A diamond cleaning pen , which was not only a magic wand at cleaning up my hairspray covered engagement ring, but was such a kind and thoughtful touch.

City Hall, San Francisco
City Hall, San Francisco

During each hotel check in we were congratulated on our marriage, had our seats upgraded on our first flight and arrived to find a chilled bottle of bubbly and welcome card from June in our first room. To top it all off we even arrived back in the UK to a ‘Welcome Home’ card and were contacted to ensure we were happy with all aspects of our trip.

Now if that’s now good customer service, I’m not sure what is.

You can find your nearest travel counsellor by clicking here or speak to the lovely June by clicking here.

(NB: This post has not been sponsored nor is it paid content. It is simply my honest review of our honeymoon booking)


Pinterest image of honeymoon
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I can’t wait to share our adventures in America with you this month!  First up will be a weekend in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas!



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