Christmas Gift Ideas For A Travel Lover

How is it December?! Seriously, I know how old this will make me sound but, this year has flown! It seems like yesterday Tom and I tied the knot and headed off on our honeymoon adventure, (more on this in January!) but it’s been 8 months already! Anyway, back to the most magical day of the month, and that lovely warm feeling we get from spoiling our loved ones. But what to buy for that travel loving friend? Welcome to ‘A Weekend Escapes-Christmas Gift Ideas’!


Christmas Gift Ideas

Yes travel tickets, hotel bookings or activity vouchers might seem like the dream gift for a friend or relative with itchy feet, but, there are many other ways to feed their addiction! Most of which won’t leave you too out of pocket or a deep shade of green with envy.


Under £10

Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers are often the trickiest of presents to purchase, however with this Travel To Do List from Kikki.K, at only £6.00, you’ll find yourself with change from a tenner.

Kikki.K Travel To Do List
Kikki.K Packing List

I was first introduced to Kikki.K  from a ‘friend’, (i’m only using the word loosely as we have yet to even clap eyes on one another) Harriet, from the A Life Loved community.

The what? I hear you ask. Well, A Life Loved is the latest blog-child from the creative genius behind Love My Dress, Annbel Beeforth. It’s due to go live in the next few weeks, so click here to add your email address and be the first in the know! In addition to the blogs, both communities have closed Facebook groups brimming with like-minded individuals generally chatting about every day life’s highs and lows- and sending one another ‘random acts of kindness‘. My gorgeous travel themed bundle arrived a few weeks ago, and I’ve been a tad obsessed with Kikki.K ever since.

Kikki.K Travel To Do List
Kikki.K Travel To Do List

So, back to the gift! The A5 sized Travel To Do List features not one, but two pads. The first, a packing list, filled with suggestions of items you may need, such as currency, travel adapters and those comfy PJ’s, plus space for your own essentials. The second pad is a general to-do list, which I use to prioritise what I need to arrange before my adventures. You know the chores- cancel the milkman, set the sky box to record Travel Man and telling the bank where you are off to!

It’s also pretty gorgeous, in a pretty teal shade complete with polka dots.

Kikki.K,  A5 Travel To Do List £6.00


Around £10

Heading up a notch, and we are still with Kikki.K, and this time their My Travel Notes planner.

Kikki.K Travel Notes Planner
Kikki.K Travel Notes Planner

Now I really, really really,  love this notebook. It was another gift from the lovely Harriet, and I’ve purchased a few for my fellow travel enthusiasts this Christmas. (Sorry if you have realised this is you!!) 

This A5 book comes complete with sections for planning your future destinations, jotting down your various itineraries and accommodation hunting. It even includes sections to aid with budgeting, monthly planning and checklists. There really isn’t anything else you would need!

Kikki.K Travel Notes Planner
Accommodation Planner

I particularly like the layout of this travel planner, and the decorative quote pages in-between sections. It can be used by those embarking on a gap-year style trip or those of you who are like me, and arrange adventures around your full time jobs, choosing regular weekend escapes.

Travel Planner Quote
Travel Planner Quote

The design matches the teal polka dots on the Travel To Do List, and features an elasticated band to keep any additional notes you keep in the notepad secure.

A gem of a gift for only £10!

Kikki.K, My Travel Notes Book: World, £10


Under £20

Personalised passport covers have always been a favourite of mine. Yes, I’m sure they drive the passport control staff at the airport crazy, but they do at least help you recognise whose is whose when travelling in a group. That’s my argument and I’m sticking to it!

Mr and Mrs Passport Covers
Mr and Mrs Passport Covers

One of my favourite wedding gifts we received was these Mr and Mrs Passport Covers.

But, you can of course can a whole host of different personalised options. Full names, initials or even quotes, thanks to Etsy and Not Another High Street vendors, you’ll have endless options.

Mr and Mrs Passport Covers
Mr and Mrs Passport Covers

Mr and Mrs Passport Covers, Etsy, £13.99


Blow the budget

There is one thing I can’t travel without- my Olympus Pen camera. 

Olympus Pen E-PL5
Olympus Pen E-PL5

Now this one really does blow the budget, at around £399 upwards, but if we work on the same ethos some do with clothing- the price per shot is pennies.

My E-PL5 has been my trusty sidekick for four years now, and it’s probably my all time favourite purchase. Yes, phone cameras have advanced miles in this time, but there is still something special about capturing your adventures the old ‘fashioned’ way. Plus a cameras battery doesn’t have a lifespan of 8 hours like my iPhone. You can see examples of travel snaps I’ve captured on my E-PL5 by revisiting our recent trips to Bletchley,  Bruges  and Budapest.

Olympus Pen E-PL5
Olympus Pen E-PL5

The Olympus Pen’s you will be considering this year are either the E-PL7 or E-PL8.

The E-PL7 is the most similar to my model, at £399. Features include 14 in-built filters, WiFi enabled system to simply transfer images to your phone (You’ll just need a WiFi enabled memory card and to download a free app) and a tilting viewer screen to make selfies easier.

The latter is at the pricier end of the spectrum at £549. However, it’s a very ‘instagrammy’ looking camera and has a range of colour options to choice from- all in a leather style material. Additional features of the E-PL8 include a selfie mode, using your smart phone to take the picture using your camera. Swanky!

Olympus E-PL5
Olympus E-PL5

Olympus embrace the world of bloggers, who are loving their PEN range, and have created a wonderful community area on their webpage- Pengeneration. The area shares support, tutorials and user photographs as well as showcasing their ambassadors. If you want to join in, you can also tag your Instagram snaps with #olympusPENgeneration


Extra Treats

Another one of my personal favourites is travel books- and my Christmas wishlist is pretty filled with them! From Lonely Plant’s Ultimate Travel List and The New York Times : 36 Hours In Europe, travel books are a wonderful way to inspire and fill the void of your favourite travel blogs, if you enjoy a technology rest over the festive period.


I hope this little guide has given you a little inspiration, and you and your fellow travel lovers will enjoy a little wanderlust this festive period!






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